Nominated for the Liebster Award & 10 Other Awesome Kid Blogs!

I have now been nominated for the Liebster Award three times, and here are 10 more blogs homeschool moms should be following – my nominations! I want to share 10 other amazing kid-useful bloggers with you that are new and upcoming to the blog scene! These bloggers are not the biggest, most known websites… but I am confident these are our next hot-shot bloggers. The next “generation” of superstars so to speak! Certainly worth bookmarking to refer back, follow, and search for your next greatest child idea!

liebster award nomination

How Did I Get Nominated for the Liebster Award?

How exciting, and truly how humbling! My first award was from Amy at Busy Boys Brigade. She is certainly worth the follow… 110% worth your time. In fact, this time around I’m considering nominating her in return – but I don’t know if that’s quite legal 😉 My second nomination came from over at Rakshitha from From Exist to Live. I’m not sure how Rakshitha came across my blog, but I’m humbled that my posts are affecting bloggers in all genres. Diversity at its finest! My third, and final, nomination came from Jenn at Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling.

This entire blogging process has been such a roller coaster; its so enlightening and encouraging that to see other bloggers notice me!

My Favorite Upcoming Schooling Blogs!

Because I was nominated, I must now nominate 10 other blogs. Here’s the catch I’m placing on my own nominations. I am only nominating blogs that are in my niche somehow that I feel have the potential to become as great, or greater than, all the homeschooling blogs everyone already knows about! There are plenty of Top 10 Home School Blogs out there. Here’s my Top 10 NEW Homeschool Blogs!

I am writing a description about each post, unlike most nomination posts I’ve seen, found my nomination round up! Each post has less than 200 RSS followers.

1. Guard the Door

Jeanni Cahill writes about a lot more than just home schooling. That said, some of her posts about homeschooling are honestly top notch!

2. Catholic Christian Homeschooling

Nikki is seriously the sweetest girl. I am not Catholic, although I am Christian and co-school my children based on such principle. This blog truly has so much potential. While many moms are resistant to the common core curriculum beginning to flood the American public school system… Nikki touches on it and includes the dreaded common core in ways I see all other home school moms avoid like the black plague! Keeping her children in tune with the public, yet giving them the specialized attention and customization of the home school sphere.

3. Newman’s Corner

Stephanie is a beautiful radiant wife first, Minisotan mama of two! She just recently changed her blog focus over to homeschooling; one of my favorite types of blogs in her posts are her Schooling Week Round Ups. I personally think it should be a requirement of all blogging schooling mamas to post! While all bloggers would have their style of post, and you may or may not like her post layout for these threads, I by far think they offer the best advice to other homeschooling parents. They don’t just show a new messy art recipe or offer a free printable for sight words. Instead, it offers parents the insight, confirmation, and proof that homeschooling works by summarizing all the children’s successes for the week! PROGRESS! EAT THAT, Government!

4. Psycho With 6

Psycho With 6 is a relatively new blog to my own eyes as well. Dr. Melanie Wilson started this blog when she started homeschooling her 6 children. I really like this blog though because Dr. Wilson has insight from a very unique perspective. As a psychologist turned home school mom of six, she has an educational background, knowledge, and research to understand things and think about activities in a new and often un-thought-of way. She is certainly a blog to read full of personality, honor, and report.

5. You Clever Monkey

I absolutely love this lady! I have no idea what her name is; I shamefully have never checked into her facebook page. But this is the post that drew me in two months ago. Now, based on her facebook likes and her comments, she probably doesn’t qualify for nomination. But, her RSS feed had under 200 subscribers/followers, so I’m including her as a favorite!  I hope in seeing this, she sees a compliment.

6. Teach Beside Me

Karyn is a mom I started first watching when I was a nanny; prior to becoming a mother. I should have started coming on her genius posts then, because my two and four year olds LOVED Karyn’s activities! Rather, I pinned and pinned and pinned. Again, I’m sure anyone with half a brain is already following this mama, but her RSS feed is under 200 followers, so I’m cool with showcasing her and nominating her for the Liebster!

7. Crayon Box Chronicles

I choose Heather for a reason Heather is completely unaware of. Her Savannah. Heather was told at her 20 week ultrasound that her child would be born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Savannah had a 50% chance at life. I found this article, written in 2014, four days after my genetics counselor told us that Noah (at the time we weren’t sure he was a boy) tested positive for maternal-fetal contamination of L1 Syndrome; in my heart I knew he would have L1. After reading as much about Savannah as I could, I started exploring other parts of Heather’s site. Heather’s Small World Plays are by far my favorite activity posts she has. The are amaaaazing!!!! All new bloggers no matterhow much experience Heather has, should photograph their subjects like she does!

8. Fantastic Fun & Learning

This is seriously one of my favorite cute little blogs. Its so simple. So easy to understand and navigate. WIth only 179 RSS followers, I decided to nominate Shaunna for the award in hopes, again, its complimentary. Her blog reminds me of a huge country kitchen – even though its nothing about food and cooking! Just the super big space that has so much in it, so many memories, and so much going on … yet the raised ceilings, wide counter tops, and huge wood table in the center of the room are spic and span and easy to feel country-free in!  I’m super sad I pinned her pin almost a year and a half ago, and I only started reading her blog when I began researching for this post. With Halloween coming up, this is my current favorite post. She’s brilliant. The end.

9. Crazy Little Family Adventure

Orana is one of my favorite friend bloggers, along with Amy (who nominated me linked first in this post). She world schools. Say what? HOW COOL IS THAT! Evvvvveryone homeschools. I coschool. And Orana world schools. She’s an expat mom… and is seriously the coolest. Wanna know more? CHECK HER OUT!

10. A Day in Our Shoes

I really, really like this blog…. this blog is soooo connective. Its been a life saver with a special needs baby. Instead of flooding me with medical knowledge…. it floods me with ideas that even my older healthy toddler loves to participate in! 365 Days of Light Play may be just what we need to help us with our Cortical Vision Impairment battle!

10 homeschool blogs you aren't following



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    1. You are so welcome, Shaunna! And thank you … I hope it really goes somewhere (with a lot more work ahead of me 😉 )

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