Why I Blog (& How I’m Getting There)

Friends and family have been asking me what’s wrong with me for about three months now.

“Why are you photographing all of your kids projects? We know you do them…” and “what do you get from staying up till midnight on the computer long after your kids are in bed when you have to wake up at 6am?” “I thought pumping was your new thing you woke up for, now your always online, too.”

Yeah, I realize this… guys! I do! But, I’m blogging! I’m blogging for a few reasons….


about my son Noah. I started this blog to keep people up to date with him while we were in the hospital. He has L1 Syndrome, and that requires lots of doctor visits. Blogging is a great way to keep all of you up to date on him at the same time. It is also a perfect platform to begin to shed awareness on his condition.


for all of my crazy adventures and plans. I’m coschooling Kara, although right now that means she is home preschooled. What if my ideas help you teach your child something? I am on a No Spend October month with Ruth Soukup. What happens when I spend? Someone who reads this will ask me, and I have to confess. When I begin a creation, I have to finish it. Aren’t some of you waiting for my quiet books?


much greater than myself. Blogging, Freshly Messy, gives me a platform to reach millions, if not billions, of people. Of course I’m not that great right now. I barely hit 2000 people. But you know what? That’s okay. I’m growing. And if I keep at it, eventually I’ll reach a heck of a lot more than that.

Know what’s cooler? Another mom of an L1 son, almost exactly 5 months younger than Noah, found my blog in her quest for understanding. You see, we’re so rare! She doesn’t have Facebook, and our support group on Facebook isn’t easy to find. At least, it wasn’t for me. One of them found me in a hydrocephalus group. None the less…. my blog reached someone and it made a difference.


So How Am I Getting “There

If I plan to eventually monetize my blog and work from home to take care of my son, or even if I plan to monetize so that my blogging journey doesn’t cost me, because it does, yah know… I have to go somewhere. I can’t stay where I am now, stagnant. I have to grow. I want to say: “I’m blogging and working from home.”

Enter Daniela Uslan.

danielauslanDaniela’s story makes me so angry. Daniela’s story makes me embarrassed to admit that our children will probably be public-schooled, proud that they are currently home pre-schooled, and encouraged to know that I will always co-school them. I will use this platform to teach co-schooling. To sum it up, co-schooling is basically a parent being a parent to a school-aged child. Do you homeschool? You co-school. Do you help with homework? You co-school. The lack of being present in your child’s education is the opposite of co-schooling.

Tweet: Any parent who loves their child can co-school their child. http://ctt.ec/Z5p9g+

Back to Daniela.

Daniela is my superhero.

findyourfocusDaniela is my blogging coach. She owns danielauslan.com and teaches an additional private mentorship course called Have Your Cupcake, which is more valuable than you can imagine to a new blogger like me! Lost in the world of “writing is only 10% of what we do.”

To the left is the button I recieved from completeing my second course with Daniela. The first is a free 10-Day-Makeover Challenge that will be taught again in 2016. You can get on her mailing list here to find out when it’ll be taught again. This second course was beyond fantastic. Now that I’ve completed the focus course, I have:

  • Created a content plan that works, and is easily updated to a new plan every month
  • Decided which of my content belongs in my blog for content hungry audience that craves my articles
  • Learned how to do proper keyword research that will lead me in the right direction, without fault, every single time
  • Discovered how to focus on my viewers without loosing my voice and direction
  • Realized how important awesome content is 100% of the time
  • Created my email subscription list with the understanding of how critical it is
  • Developed amazing freebies while learning how to use them
  • Been Taught how to find communities of readers who crave my work


Daniela was a 3rd grade teacher. Her classroom seems to have been the replica of what I stand for: her classroom was messy, her kids were messy, and students were always moving and creating. When she was observed by the district, her downfall was that her kids were having too much fun. There were labels on bookcases, colors where there “should” have been white walls, and art where there should have been classroom rules. Her kids were excited about learning, but the red tape of teaching for the state said she couldn’t teach KIDS in a way KIDS enjoyed. Instead, they needed to be sitting in desks. They needed to be structured.


My mom is a retired teacher. I “get” the red tape better than most non-teachers do. But, lets face it. THAT. IS. CRAP. I would rather my daughter come home from school everyday excited to go back the next day than come home bored out of her mind with “red slips” because she couldn’t sit still 45 minutes.

So now, Daniela has restructured how and who she teaches. She teaches adults. She embraces our creativity and loves our ideas. She does what it takes to keep us encouraged and active.

Who out there knows me?

You guys! You guys know I don’t stick with things. I come back to it eventually…. sometimes. I craft – but my craft of choice changes on a monthy basis. Should I crochet? Sew? Glue? Felt? Draw? I work – but my enjoyment changes about as much as the TV. Should I go to school? Should I nanny? Should I deliver mail? Should I … Should I … Should I?

But now I’m on month 3 of blogging. My first month was a mess. I created a site, and it sat for 2-1/2 weeks doing nothing. Then I found Blogging on Your Own Terms and spent the second half of the second month on a free 15 day Blog Make Over Challenge. I was one of the “origonal” members, and finished it! I got to know Daniela pretty well then, and we became…. wait for it … I’ll say it …. friends. We chatted here and there. And, she seems to get me on a personal level. She knows blogging is important, but she knows I get caught up in my son’s issues too and disappear from chat for days at a time. Thing is? She doesn’t hold that against me! What? Another actual friend who gets it? They’re so rare! Then I joined her Cupcake Membership Site. COULD NOT HAVE MADE A BETTER DECISION.


So, In Summary…… The Point of This Post

  • For those of you who don’t understand why I blog? Read above, and if you still don’t get it, you probably won’t. That’s okay!
  • Daniela is my superhero teaching me my superpowers. She rocks. And you’ll think so too when you meet her!
  • I met a friend through blogging who has an L1 Child: this was my mission from the start!
  • I met a friend who lives in Miami, who loves blogging, understands our friendship, and believes in me.

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