Friday Focus: Choosing Fabulous Instagram Filters for Photos

Instagram, shocking as it may be, is not the leading social media platform for photos. Flikr is, and in the future we will discuss the differences, pros and cons, and explore Flkr more. Today I want to discuss Instagram for those who’ve asked. Instagram is so popular! Parents love the ease of Instagram and professionals love the engagement ensued with Instagram.

best instagram filter

Filters are added to photos for all sorts of reasons: changing the focus of whats important on an image, highlighting and adding details to clouds or mountain ranges, or changing saturation and colors. So what do viewers most like to see when you have a whole library of choices before you? On top of these filter choices, Instagram has now added features (to be discussed in future posts) to customize each filter choice!

instagram filter choices
A study at Georgia Tech threw some new insights out. For example, casual photographers search for filters that add a spark of fun into the image. Professionals and hobbyist photographers search for filters that enhance their photo. I’m a mom professional, and find myself often searching for a happy medium. Sometimes I find it, other times I’m forced to choose between the two evils for the purpose I’m searching.

Filtered Images Create More Engagement, Yes for Mommies Too!

So then how to pick a filter?

In summary, of the research linked above…. filters that increase exposure, contrast, and warmth most positively affect interaction. Viewers are most likely to comment, love, and share photos with these attributes. Aging filters tend to increase views, but saturation filters tend to increase comments.

Mommies too…. we love people to see, like, and comment on our beautiful babies ❤ We also love our filters to flatter them instead of flunk them!

I would be very interested in doing my own study about filters and demographics of users. In fact, maybe I should! Wanna participate? Click here! I will update when we post our results!

Filters with Highest Interaction

  • Mayfair
  • Amaro
  • Earlybird
  • Valencia
  • Rise

Most Used Filter?

  • None

Tips of Engagement, Especially for Brands

  • 12am-7am is the worst time for posting!
  • Chalene Extreme founder, Chalene Johnson says a user must find a like-niched user…. like 5 photos, comment on three photos, and then maybe attain a new follower.
  • Correct use of hashtags, not in over abundance, can help other users find you.
  • Photo contests with correct hashtag use can really increase brand awareness
  • 9-13 Hashtags per post are in the “most interacted with” category

instagram filter

instagram filters


2 thoughts on “Friday Focus: Choosing Fabulous Instagram Filters for Photos”

  1. I very rarely use a filter, my phone takes some pretty good photos, so I’m pretty lucky there! If I do use filters I use Lark, Hudson, X-Pro II. I love IG as much as you perhaps, I love seeing what others are up to, from all over the world!!!

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