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The Duh Method for a Wowing B&W Instagram

The idea of this Focus series dealing with Instagram photography is that we are simple. We talk about ONE thing every week. Not many tips, not an overwhelming list that leaves you confused and baffled. Rather, one thing to work on for the week.

Last Friday for Focus, we talked about flash and diffusion. This week we’ll talk about the secret of black and white photos? It certainly isn’t a “preset” or a single touch of a button. It isn’t your subject, or your software. Strong black and white photos do, however, have one thing in common.

black and white instagram tips

Strong B&W Images have BLACKS and WHITES.

Yes, that’s right. Ummm…. DUHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sounds sooo silly, but how many photos have you seen that just look like a muddy mess? I know I’ve seen a ton (even my own!) I’ll post some below for you to look at and judge for yourself.

black and white 6

Strong black and white images have blacks and whites. It does not matter if you prefer a noised look with high grain, a matte look with soft airy tones, or a crisp sharp vibrant black and white. The point is, it must have a black point and a white point.

The catch? Unless you mean to clip your blacks (have too much black), don’t. And certainly don’t clip your whites (too much white). This will make your image look either wrong or over exposed, and over exposed images aren’t any better than muddy ones (in my opinion, of course).

Next Friday we’ll start talking more about the functions of Instagram and what each setting does. You ready? Cause I am! Hope to see you next week!!!!

black and white 7 black and white 5 black and white 4 black and white 3 black and white 2 black and white 1






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