baking soda and shaving cream

How to Make Sensory Snow in Winter…. that’s COLD!


baking soda and shaving cream
winter sensory snow: 3 cups baking soda to 2 cups shaving cream

When temperatures reached 107 outdoors today, I decided that Kara and I needed some COLD fun! So I put on my thinking cap! Everyone place with ice and sprinklers when it gets hot. What could Kara do she had never done in her two and a half years of life? That’s right!!! We could invent some faux snow.

How We Formulated The Snow

3 cups Baking Soda
2 cups Shaving Cream

Whisk the two ingredients together, and add more shaving cream if it is still to “dry” for your tastes.

This is really super cool though because you can put it in a ziplock bag and save it indefinitely! Extra shaving cream can always be added to moisturize!

And, Kara & Noah both have colds this week so we conveniently added several drops of doTerra’s OnGuard essential oil to the mix for the yummiest smell in the world! && what’s cooler? It definitely put me in the mood for hot chocolate, sweaters, and curling up on the couch with a good book!

baking soda and shaving cream

Why This is Different From Other Recipes

  •  It feels cool to the touch!
  •  While it wouldn’t taste good, it isn’t harmful if it makes its way to the sense of taste of a toddler.
  •  The compound is totally customizable! Adding more shaving cream will let it be more mold-able to create mountains, igloos, snowballs, and snowmen. Using less shaving cream leaves it slightly more crumbly (like “dry snow”) but still takes away the “powder” feeling.
  •  The smell of it doesn’t actually make my kiddos sick like the flour and baby oil cloud dough and doesn’t make them sneeze for twenty minutes like the microwaved and/or grated bar of soap recipes.
  •  The possibilities with what you can do with this recipe are endless and we will be using and reusing this recipe for all sorts of activities in our future. Stay tuned, cause you won’t be able to resist!


baking soda and shaving cream
sensory experiments, sensory bins, sensory fun

9 thoughts on “How to Make Sensory Snow in Winter…. that’s COLD!”

    1. Karissa, seriously… my two year old LOVES that penguin! I’m not sure what or why, but she gets SO upset when it comes time to putting that up! The summer heat is gettign crazy, where are you from? I’m ready for OCTOBER!

  1. I didn’t realize this was a taste-safe recipe. I’m so excited by that! I might have to incorporate this into my infant/toddler class when we talk about outside signs. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Don’t froget to encourage them to not eat it. It will taste rather yucky! Let me know how they like it though 🙂

  2. Cool! (Literally) We have tried baking soda and conditioner, but it didn’t turn out great. I’ll have to save this recipe for a school holiday.

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