for bloggers, but really for anyone taking pictures on their phone

The Easiest Trick there is for Better Phone Photos

Lets start off with a bit of honesty here. As professional photographers, we love our equipment. We love upgrading our camera bodies and flashes for the best we can afford when we outgrow our current equipment. And, whenever others ask us how they themselves can take stronger images… our answers many times consist of advising a better camera than they own, most of the time more than they wish to afford, and eventually we circle back around to, “Photography isn’t about what equipment we own, its how we use what we own.” The fact remains, better equipment, once learned, provides better images.

That said, there are times no matter how much someone knows or is willing to learn, they cannot afford “the good stuff.” So today I want to talk about ….

The Simplest, Cheapest Trick for Better Phone Photography

for bloggers, but really for anyone taking pictures on their phone

Light Diffusion.

Seriously! Mommies going into the hospital next week don’t have time to learn Manual and RAW on their $800 cameras, and certainly not to then teach husbands! The man who’s car just broke down, refrigerator shut off, and dryer shot out sparks doesn’t have $500 for a new DSLR. And, families out at the beach don’t have energy to run back and forth to the hotel to grab the point & shoot to photograph their babies but keep the camera out of the sand.

But for all of us who have phones…. they easily slip into ziplock baggies and pockets!

Grab a peice of clear tape, and tape a peice of wax paper out of your kitchen over the flash.

Seriously, that’s it! Look at my results!

iPhone flash trick
I picked a very simple object is a super awkward cluttered place with lots of things that reflect light. Many tips suggest moving subject to a better light source. This isn’t always possible or feasible. The lighting in my house sucks. The flash of my camera bounced off the cradle and the wall (see that big huge light patch on the far right? Look how concentrated the light is on the white of the cradle and just left on the wooden box. See how it evens out considerably on the right with the tape and wax paper added?

&& its so simple and cheap, you can do it 1000 times, or you can just leave it on your camera until it falls off and replace it at that time! šŸ™‚

What fun phone tips do you have up your sleeve?


6 thoughts on “The Easiest Trick there is for Better Phone Photos”

    1. Very welcome! Every Friday we have a new photo trick! You can always search for photography in our blog and it’ll show you the posts. This past Friday was our second Friday on Focus Fridays, and we posted a tip about black and white instagram pictures šŸ™‚

  1. That is some great advice. I will try that next time I am taking some photographs. I use an Android, so I assume it works too. One day I will afford a “real” camera, but for now, I like my Samsung.

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