proverbs 31:13 for preschoolers

Proverbs 31, Week 3: 3 Reasons To Teach Children that they are Entitled

Proverbs can move mountains! Want to make a difference? Be the difference! They always say if there is a topic you want to read about, go to the Bible. Porn? Bible. Good deeds? Bible. Heros? Bible. Murder? Bible. In this chapter, men learn how to be Godly men and Godly women. Learn how to be Confident, and teach your children confidence.


We introduced our study three weeks ago week briefly recapping the Proverbs 31’s introduction. We then began sharing a curriculum and resources to teach our children that they are worth more than rubies (31:10). The third week, we taught you how to teach your babies to grow into adults with confidence, respect, and goodness (31:11-12). Now we continue our walk with Jesus in our Proverbs study discussing eagerness and readiness.

proverbs 31.13


Three Reasons My Children Are Entitled

There are three things my children are entitled to: the pursuit of happiness, life, and liberty. No one  has the right to take away their ability to look for happiness, no one has a right to take away their lives, and no one has a right to tell them they cannot think or say how they feel.  Ten months ago, I wrote a blog titled Why I’m Okay With My Daughter Telling Me No. I am still okay with her, and eventually my son, telling me no at times, her feelings are important to me. They will be reminded of this daily.

That said, my children are entitled to nothing else. They are not entitled to new shoes every month, allowances, a car on their sixteenth birthday, or makeup at twelve. They cannot opt out of rules in sports and school because they don’t like them. They cannot act inappropriately just because. They do not get a want from the store just because I buy my other child a need. It is not appropriate to take everything in sight that is free just because it is there.  It is my job to teach them to earn their statuses in society without loosing themselves, appreciate and develop their personal values in a way that honors themselves, and understand who and why they want to become whomever they may want to become.

This week, in addition to reminding our children they are more valuable than rubies, confident and important human beings, we are teaching our children that they must work eagerly and excitedly to develop and grow into a strong Christ-like adult. They must work to achieve what is expected of them. Come, join us! For free printables, conversation topics, and activities that challenge our children of all ability levels.




  • Proverbs 31 Coloring Sheet Week 3
  • Eager as a Beaver Building: Build with whatever types of blocks you have. Waldorf color cubes can be super fun to make, and Fun At Home with Kids has a great tutorial of how to make them. I tried with acrylic colors; just follow her tutorial – acrylics look terrible! Because our attempt at Waldorf colored blocks failed, and therefore we will be trying again, we used our spindle blocks to make a beaver dam, pillows and blankets to build a tent, and dollar store cubes to build an animal zoo.
  • Topics of Conversation: Children get excited when they please their parents; at least, mine do. They also get really proud of their own creations. Kara is a very independent two year old that enjoys building by herself. There are plenty of activities she enjoys doing with me, but usually blocks are a great independent choice for her. Today, sitting down with her I really learned a lot about my two year old. Discuss with your child what you notice about their qualities. Kara and I talked about how diligently she placed each block, how quietly she snapped each piece together, and how precisely she stacked pillows. Unlike our other discussions that usually occur in the evenings after story time… today’s discussions occurred while we were building. We talked about why I was proud of her hard work, and how excited I was that she was eager!IMG_0284blogIMG_0288blog



  • Make a Card to go with our gift
  • Kind as a Kangaroo: Kara hand-selected her ribbons, chose her own stickers. Then she baked cookies for the neighbor and we hand delivered them together.
  • Topics of Conversation: Why are hand-made gifts so important? Why did we take cookies to the neighbor? Why did I let her pick her color choices for the container we delivered the cookies in? Kara is really good at Who, What, How questions. We are working on When and Why; today focused on asking her why these things we did were important and why she made the choices she made.


  • Busy as a Bee: We sorted bug beads into colors and shapes. We counted the beads. We put them in playdoh, and put them into the shape of each letter A-F.
  • Calm Down Bottle: I first saw Calm Down Bottles at Mess For Less about 8 months ago. I think they are a great idea, and can prove to be quite the entertainment for a bottle of water! For our bottle, we filled it up 1/3rd of the way with Canola Oil and Essential Oils (Roman Chamomile), and finished filling the rest of the way with water as I’m not a fan of the yellow color. We placed our bug beads, buttons, and lots of glitter in the bottle and hunted each item.
  • Topics of Conversation: What did we do today? What shapes do you know? Why did we count the bees? Do you love every single bee and every single bug? Jesus loves all of us! Remember when you got upset and we lost the bee under the couch? Jesus finds us when we get lost too! Why? Because we are all more valuable than rubies, important, good, and eager as beavers to get back to Him!



  • Letter E & F Coloring & Identification
  • Cookie Sheet & Magnet Letters: I let her use all the magnets she wanted, but we purchased Melissa & Doug’s Animal magnets and used them to match with the appropriate letter A-F.
  • Topics of Conversation: What is special about magnets? Magnets create an attraction two unlike things bringing them close together. Jesus is our magnet, and brings us closer to Jesus. Kara’s favorite song is Jesus Loves Me. Earlier today, she got in trouble for climbing. She cried when I corrected her, and asked to sing Jesus Loves Me. Tonight I reminded her that she will never stray far from her daddy, me, or Jesus because her magnet will always bring her back to us.


  • Basket Weaving: The perfect fine motor and hand eye coordination for my two year old. We used shiny tinsel pipe cleaners and a $1 store basket that was once gifted to us. Plus, we kept the basket to later gift a gift to a person in an upcoming week’s lesson 😉
  • Topics of Conversation: What are your ideas for what we can use the basket for? What are your ideas for what you can put in the basket? Who can we give it to? Why is it important for us to think about others, and do things for others? Why do we give on ordinary days, when nothing special is going on?

proverbs 31 , proverbs 31 for preschoolers


Is anyone joining us on our FACEBOOK page? Please do! Lets us know if you are studying proverbs with us! We have 17 more weeks of activities left!



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