why to breastfeed, why to donate breastmilk

Top 4 Reasons to Rescue Another Child with Breastmilk

why i donate breastmilk

  1. Breast milk is medicine.
    For babies born under three pounds, or babies born sick, breast milk can truly save their lives. I had donor milk for Noah with his L1 Syndrome in case my milk didn’t come in with a pump (I knew he wouldn’t be able to nurse before or after brain surgery). The goodies in breastmilk are endless!
  2. You truly impact lives.
    For a typical 12 pound baby, 30-40 ounces of breast milk daily may be sufficient. But, for a mirco preemie baby, or a very sick child, those same 30-40 ounces of milk can feed more than 20 babies for an entire day. It really is miraculous. While you can obviously sell your milk as well, these mommies that need this milk so desperately are also paying enormous hospital bills and food bills while being their for their babies. These mommies who receive your milk, either informally mother to mother or through a non-profit milk bank that doesn’t charge its recipients for milk, will forever remember that your donor milk saved their babies life. Trust me, the girl who gave Noah milk is forever etched in my heart. No one will make me forget her, ever.
  3. Every baby deserves the best.
    Some mommies simply can’t produce milk. Or, their babies can’t tolerate the mom’s diet and mom needs a bit to detox her diet before feeding baby that milk. That doesn’t mean that baby should be forced to transfer to formula if mom wants milk! Having a baby is expensive no matter how you raise him. Share that gold, baby! Share it! Milk is liquid gold!
  4. Even older babies love it!
    This is, of course, my personal theory. Science and facts are divided on whether or not whole milk is actually as beneficial for a growing toddler as what was once believed. Science and facts are not divided as to if breast milk is beneficial. So, lets cut to the chase. Breast milk it is!

best reasons to donate breastmilk

Max’s mommy was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and he was born five weeks early. His latch wasn’t established early enough and mommy’s supply never regulated properly because of it. Immediately, she knew she needed milk for him, so they turned to milk sharing. He gets the best of the best from a mommy that couldn’t produce everything he needed. I met Max when he was 8 months old. Max (image shown above with permission) is my biggest donation to date with just over 220 ounces given to him. What a day that was; his mom needed that milk so dearly, she joined me on the side of I-85 in Charlotte, NC as I watched the smoke pour out from under my hood. I never made it to her that day to drop off the donation. She made it to me.

I have donated approximately 900 ounces of milk to date, I just wish I would have met max sooner!

Do you breastfeed? Receive donor milk? Donate milk? Please, leave a comment and share your stories!


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