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How to Find the Most Marvelous Blogging Mentor in Existance

Guru: popular expert
Trustworthy: honest, positive, believable
Honest: sincere, blunt, tactful, ingenious
Enthusiastic: fun, positive, encouraging
Brilliant: intense, expert

I have been searching the world wide web, scouring blogs, and tediously sifting through pinterest pins since the end of January (when I had to spend countless hours passing time bedside with my NICU newborn baby boy) for the perfect person to act as my blog mentor. I was too picky. My budget was defined, but my blog was a mess. My brain was a mess (due to circumstances, I don’t think anyone can argue as to why), and my strengths were questioned. I had to sit down and define what I needed a blog mentor to be: guru, trustworthy, honest, enthusiastic, and brilliant. I had to sit down and define my ultimate goal: to work from home and create a sustainable income. And, I had to decide on my strengths and weaknesses: my voice and my marketing.

Questions to Ask:

  1. What is your weakest subject in blogging?
    Writing? Grammar? Marketing? Photography?
    Find an expert in that area.
  2. What is your passion?
    How to Monetize? How to attract viewers? How to create relationships
    Find that expert.
  3. Where do you want to be?
    Full time income? Sharing goodies to the world? Helping others with something?
    Find someone who is where you want to go.


how to find the most marvelous blogging mentor in existance

My Mentor

In June, after 5-1/2 months of daily reserach, God sent me Daniela Uslan, chief writer at, who recently published a fifteen day blog make over challenge. I first came across Daniela when I accidentally found her original post How to Write a Year’s Worth of Blog Topics. Daniela is a library, her head filled to near capacity with all of the resources a beginning blogger could ever dream to learn.

Halfway through the challenge, I approached Daniela about a mentorship. I tried to read one article on her blog every 2-3 days, digest it, and review one that I have already read. Repetition helps us reap the benefits… right? So, plugging away at research for hours on end… I sheepishly crafted my Facebook message. Professional, right? [ I really need to work on marketing myself! Next task to research! ] Anyway…. she messaged me back almost immediately, and to my surprise she agreed! She emailed over some terms and options almost immediately.

The first part of our mentorship was a phone call that lasted about an hour and a half. Say what? My guru? My blog know-it-all care about little ‘ol me for an hour and a half of her precious day? Yup! Daniela truly cares about my blog and I. Never once did I feel pushed, cheated, rushed, or belittled. Literally, no question was dumb… even though I know some were 😉 She craves for my success as much as I yearn for my own. She is passionate that I, too, will succeed. That is the type of mentor I want and need. I need someone in my life who wants what I want seemingly just as much as I want it, and more importantly, can help me arrive at my final goal.

before and after blog makeover challenge


Head on over to Daniela Uslan’s Blog Makeover Challenge and dive head over heels in love with her smorgasbord of information. Leave us a comment below to share who your blog mentors are! Are you a blog mentor yourself? What tips do you have for new bloggers in their searches?


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