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How to Build The Best One Dollar Goopy Dinosaur Habitat

Who says Dinosaurs are for boys? If that’s the case, my daughter missed the memo! She. Loves. Dinosaurs. So, I started wracking my brain, searching Pinterest, and looking for things around the house. And, it hit me!


I figured out a way to make a dinosaur terrain for only ONE DOLLAR! Yah know, can’t beat that. If you have absolutely no ingredients in your home, you can get three bars of soap at walmart for $1.97, a roll of toilet paper for less than $0.50, and a pack of dinos for a dollar – so it becomes a $3.50 habitat. None the less, cheap and frugal! I tried two recipes from Pinterest, and learned that some people call this stuff clean mud or ghost putty if you are interested in looking up alternative ways to make it!

Personally, I tried two recipes. One made a drippy nightmare while the second created a brick of solid yuck. So, I started thinking. In my recipe, I used:

  • 1/3rd roll ripped shredded toilet paper
  • 2 bars grated soap (I grated all grate sizes for texture differences)
  • 1/2 cup veggie oil
  • 6 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil (hey, its summer time…. gimme a break!)
  • And a few sprays of water



I let my 2 year old grate the soap until she ran out of energy and patience. She worked on it a solid 7-10 minutes. For her first time grating, I can’t complain! I finished it off for her – I slipped and knicked the end of my finger so BE CAREFUL mamas! Safety chat yourself, too! 😉


Then, she had a lot of fun ripping toilet paper. I mean, come on! She adores it! It works great to teach her what she can tear and what she can’t, too. It took 10-15 minutes as she was rather particular and delicate in her tearing while mama over here was just ripping away! All I heard all afternoon was, “No wait, mama! That’s MINE! Waiiiiit! Mine!” as I was moving way too fast for her.


I then added the animals. In the package, aside from the Camel, she thought these were dinosaurs. I’ve seen them several times at the dollar store, but I lost my dinosaur pack (grrr… I bought two of them months ago, too!). None the less, this is your dollar spent. Just don’t loose your animals before you get to use them…..

{ If you choose to use an essentail oil, dump it in the vegetable oil prior to pouring it into the toilet paper. Otherwise, it doesn’t dilute and spread out very well }

Pour the half cup oil over the soap and paper. Now, the sprays of water? Man…. ahhhh-choo! That grated soap gets awful dusty. I sprayed it a few times so that Kara could stir it herself and get her own hands in it to mix it up. I was even sneezing like crazy. While funny for me, I think its easily remedied! If you ever microwave soap, don’t forget it gets dusty too!


None the less, we created a good five or six different terrains. It was interesting to talk about how habitats change and how animals adapt to their surroundings. We discussed where the dinosaurs are now, and where we were then. As a side note – this would be a really cool experiment to do later to teach how weather affects habitats!







So now leave me a comment about your favorite way to teach animals and their homes. Or join me on our FACEBOOK page, and let me knowyour favorite way to introduce new letters (we introduced the letter D today!)


2 thoughts on “How to Build The Best One Dollar Goopy Dinosaur Habitat”

    1. That would be SUPER cool! Kara hasn’t really gotten into the lego phase yet. I wonder how long I have before we’re sucked in….

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