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Proverbs 31: You Are Worth More Than Rubies

Proverbs can move mountains! Want to make a difference? Be the difference! They always say if there is a topic you want to read about, go to the Bible. Porn? Bible. Good deeds? Bible. Heros? Bible. Murder? Bible. In this chapter, men learn how to be Godly men and Godly women.


We introduced our study last week briefly recapping the first 10 verses into a sentence or two. Over the next 19 weeks, we’ll be dissecting some of these verses and spending an entire week on each verse teaching our babies some of the most important things they’ll ever learn.

proverbs 31:10

A piggy bank really is a child’s treasure chest. It collects all their valuables and tangible worth. If your child is anything like my 2 year old, they have lots of treasures…. from balls of fuzz to collections of bugs and leaves. I know Kara can go outside and hunt for the perfect blade of grass for half an hour! A child’s precious heart treasure each collection equally. They also love and treasure what they observe mommy and daddy investing time in. My daughter {loves} grabbing my phone that is attached to my hand. Imagine that being a Bible! Would you daughter steal it too? Mine does!

Join us this week and snag your free printables and conversation topics as we explore Proverbs 31:10.




  • Coloring Sheet Printable
  • Letter A, B, C Printable to decorate
  • Topics of Conversation: What is in the treasure chest on the picture? What are they worth? Can you buy them with the monies in your piggy bank? Our babies are worth far more than any of their collections or collections of our own. Our babies are worth more than rubies! They must realize they are worth far more than rubies! There is no object that outweighs the price of our babies.



  • Grab some gems from the dollar store and hide them in our favorite  gloppity glop recipe
    Remind her throughout, she is worth more than rubies!
  • Letter A, B, C Sounds –> Tape off a hopscotch board on your carpet, or go outside and draw with chalk. Let your child jump, and jump with your child. When the music stops, or when you stop singing, you make the sound of the letter you are standing on!
  • Topics of Conversation: What did you find in the Gloppity Glop? How much are they worth? Remember you are are so much more special to me than any ruby found, clean or dirty. I love you because you are you. Just because, no conditions at all. Talk about the two states of the Gloppity Glop. How when its supported by your hand (making a fist) it is a solid… and when it begins to stray it turns to liquid and falls apart. Just like Jesus’ love for us keeps us solid, making us whole.


  • Opposites PDF: color them, decorate them, match them, act them out, sing them at the top of your lungs, hide and find them, but most importantly, have fun with them!
  • Topics of Conversation:  What is noble? Having heightened moral and mental character. It is important we learn morals to build our character. Morals are what God teaches us are right and wrong, good or bad.  Do you like it when I push you? No, that isn’t nice. Pushing you isn’t a good moral because it makes us mean. Do you like it when I hug you? Yes? That’s because I love you, and God taught me that it is a good moral to give hugs and kisses. We can always hug and kiss. God love you and I love you. Together we can be noble, and you are always worth more than rubies!



  • Gold Rocks Scavenger Hunt: Grab some gravel, pebbles from the dollar store, or rocks from the driveway and paint them yellow or gold. Hide them and instead of hunting for eggs, hunt for gold. I never had a chance to make it to the store for paint, so we used left over yellow Easter Eggs which made it super fun because I could place a peice of gold nugget chocolate in each! That’s always a winner with my kiddo.
  • Rock Chalk Alphabet A,B,C: Go outside and draw out the outline of an A B and C. Fill the shapes with the rocks. Or, if it is raining like at my house, grab a sheet of black construction paper and chalk the paper. Fill each letter outline with rocks.
  • Topics of Conversation: Do you remember what it means to be Noble? It means that we always try to do the right things, and be nice to each other. It means that we have morals, and morals are how we know what to do. Like you clean your room, put up your clothes, and sing your songs. All of those things are you doing the right thing. When you hit your brother, yell at mommy, or hit daddy… that is when we need to pray that Jesus helps us remember our morals. We hunted for Gold today to find the goodies. We hunt Jesus everyday so we can always find the good, and know what is good. But, no matter how many peices of Gold (or Chocolate) we have, You are worth far more than gold and rubies!


  • Celery Surroundings: who we is directly affected by everyone around us. Place three pieces of celery in three different clear cups and fill each cup half way with water. Place food coloring in the water, and watch as the celery absorbs the color. This also works with tissue paper, paper towels, or if you can find clear tiny coffee straws. Discuss how no matter what the celery is (dark green, light green, hard, soft) it changes to the surroundings. This is why we have to be careful of who we let into our lives and the types of friends we surround ourselves with because they can all change us.
  • ABC Connect the Dots: Draw out the outline to each letter A, B, and C and allow your child to practice connecting the dots to form each letter. By this time in the week, they are familiar with the shaping of each letter, so numbers aren’t required to match to each dot.
  • Topics of Conversation: Did you have fun this week? What was your favorite thing we did? Hunting for gold, digging for rubies, chalk alphabet, celery surroundings? Why was it your favorite? Do you want to do it again sometimes? Are you worth more than rubies? Does Jesus love you? Am I worth more than rubies? Does Jesus loves me? Do you love me?

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