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Spotlight of My All Time Favorite Gloppity Glop


Top 4 Traits of my Favorite Pinterest Art Recipes

  1. Entertains my children longer than 30 seconds
  2. It works. So many on Pinterest just don’t.
  3. Is easily customizable and changeable
  4. Uses easy to find, probably already owned, supplies


I LOVE messy art for my children! It makes their long summer days and cold winter nights more enjoyable with a refreshing break from the “norm,” and trying new things is always interesting. It sparks new questions, explores new senses, and pushes new boundaries. But, it is so disappointing when something flops yet sounded so cool!!! Like, the time I tried to microwave soap…. who knew soap had expiration dates??? For all who doesn’t know, if you nuke it after it expires, it creates a rather great mess with a horrid smell, mind you!

Please, leave us a comment with your greatest Pinterest flop!


Without further adieu, favorite gloppity glop recipe:

gloppity glop recipe

  • Food Coloring
  • Water
  • Corn Starch
  • (Flour)

Start with 1/2 C Cornstarch and 3/4 C Water, and build from there. I started my recipe with 1/2 C Cornstarch to 1 C Water. It was interesting, and Kara liked it, but the mixture did not hold a form and it remained liquid. (We may or may not have ended up with quite a few splotches on the towel I put under her table. Clean up ease? Throw it in the washer! Just a hint? I could vacuum it up after it dried.) I added an additional cup of cornstarch (all I had). The mixture did begin forming, but splashed and oozed. Kara played in this mess for almost twenty minutes. As I noticed her beginning to tire, we chose to add flour. I allowed her to scoop it by the teaspoon, quite entertaining within itself!


Eventually it began to take form, but could still move easily as a liquid for the most part. And if you need variety in your new goops, never be afraid to add textures! We used this goop as part of our Proverbs 31 Study, so we added jewels because Kara is worth more than rubies! So, she had to find all the rubies.

Chia Seeds, legos, Flax Seeds, other colors, glitter, marbles….. be creative!


My girl often has issues letting her hands be messy. Simple enough fix! Give her colors to stir with a spoon. It did not take her long to warm up.


gloppity glop recipe

Please leave us a comment and share with us your favorite goop recipes! We always want to try out more and more and more!


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