Noah’s Brain Improvement {{Hooo-rah!}}

Noah is awesome. God is good. Luck, Mercy, and Humility are on our side today. In a journey of ups and downs, on a path of of heartache and happiness… today was an amazing day.

Let me start by saying Noah passed his hearing screening on Monday! The audiologist warned us testing may take up to an hour to perform and not to worry. The entire process lasted 37 minutes of precious cuddles in my arms. Noah was comfy and peaceful, and we walked away with… “Mom, he passed in both ears!” 🙂

Today was a long day! We started with Noah and mommy in an MRI machine. Sucking on a bottle, pacifying in mommy’s touch, peacefully snoozing away, earplugs in ears……. mommy ducked down between Noah’s legs, on my tummy, arms stretched high above my head, holding Noah’s head still pushing the bottle nipple in his mouth, head cradled between my own two shoulders and elbows, earplugs in, all metal removed……. we were together. For better for worse, together. Through this journey of hydrocephluas, we were together. Heck, even sissy and daddy were with us just outside the machine. Kara was waiting to see her favorite P.A. everrrrrrr, Abby. Abby remembers Kara and gives Kara attention even without Noah. Abby remembers the aqarium and asks about the animals there so Kara absolutely LOVES her.

So anyway, we finishd in the MRI machine, and head off to meet Abby’s magnet to turn Noah’s shunt back on. Once its on, its into x-ray. With Noah on my knee, super awkward positioning to get my hand out of the way of his head but still holding his head.. holding lead over his boy parts and all of me.. tilting my body backward to avoid the rays.. hold it steady mom! DONE! Abby tells us shunt is perfect and off we head to wait on our neurosurgeon to come back!

hydrocephalus newborn three month old improvment

The first picture above is an ultrasound back when Noah was in NICU. The yellow circles a very very very thin white line of brain tissue. Very little. It goes all the way around both hemispheres, but you can’t tell in that image, so I just circled the yellow to point it out. Allllll of the black is water. Most of that should be brain tissue, but isn’t.

The second image, an MRI, is from today. Colors are opposite. The black is brain tissue here, white water. I circled part of the brain tissue in green so you could see it (the shadow is the shunt, nothing to worry about), but the brain tissue goes all teh way around both hemispheres as well. It is also very evident that there is no Corpus Collosum at all (a bundle of nerves that connect the two hemispheres together). So, while he still has a TON TON TON TON of water…. there is more brain! Abby and the neurosurgeon were MORE THAN impressed with the improvement; in fact, some medical personel we saw today seem impressed and surprised at the difference.

Now, what this means for his future? We are still preparing for severe mental, education, and physical delays. Some of his delays are now becoming apparent as he grows, and phyiscal therapy has reason to believe he won’t be making some of his 3month markers that daddy and I agree with. BUT, over time we are expecting more and more brain tissue to come visable. ❤

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