Hands Down Single Most Valuable Toddler ASL Tool

It is pretty well known I love teaching my daughter American Sign Language, and there are plenty of reasons why! She turned two last Thursday, and here recently, she has taken an interest in the alphabet. I go about our lessons in a very Montessouri fashion– so in love with teaching her what she is interested in at the moment. Back at Christmas, Melissa and Doug shared huge sales savings through their fan emails and in stores. So thrifty mama me took advantage and bought a few things!


One of the toys we gifted her at Christmas was the M&D card matching alphabet set pictured above. One side of the card is white while the other side has a letter, item, and word visible. The card comes apart like a puzzle, and the pieces are shaped differently so to lock together, it has to be the right combination (Montessori: self-correcting).


So what I did was grab the signs for each letter printed on regular paper, a pair of scissors, and some mod podge. I mod podged each letter onto the cardboard; it’s flush, will not tear, and is more durable than tape would allow.

Being a non-signing mother, I have my own fair share of troubles while teaching my hearing daughter sign. Now I am learning with her, and have a constant visual reminder for myself for each letter without pulling out my phone to search each time.


3 thoughts on “Hands Down Single Most Valuable Toddler ASL Tool”

  1. Love it! My friend, Rochelle Barlow, does ASL lessons after my Storytime on Periscope. She teaches proper technique & really gives great tips on how to remember signs from their origins. ASL for kids (and mommas!) is awesome!

    1. How long are your Friday periscopes usually? I think it’d be really cool to be fluent in them and your firend could probably really help me out! I started teaching Kara at birth, but she kinda knows more than I do. LOL

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