Back on the Road to Recovery

Noah man has gone through his share of battles in his 11 days of life! And now here we sit on the day he was to be discharged waiting for him again. And we are going to continue to wait for him every single day until he decides to join us at home with Kara. She doesn’t like us coming home without him.


Apparently, now she beleives Noah put the moon in the sky, not God. And she knows who Jesus is!

But, Noah is a warrior. He was prepared for life on the outside. And today, he is prepared for tomorrow. The nurses love him, and adores being held, and rarely fusses. As you guys know, what is delaying homeward bound is his eating. His doctor wants him eating 60mLs per feeding (2 ounces) at 11 days old, but admits that gestational he was born 37 weeks, not 40 (which he says is more significant than the vast majority of people realize). He also realizes while Noah is 7 lbs 4.2 oz and was born 7lbs 12 oz, there is no way to know how much of that was head weight he should never gain back within his head.

Three days ago, at shunt adjustment day, he was eating well. 30-35mLs per feeding. He was moved to progressive and we started the discharge process. After adjustment he moved all the way down to 0-4 mLs and they ng tubed him. Day before yesterday we had him up to 9-15 mLs, and yesterday around 28-35mLs. Lactation came for a consult, and ordered a speech therapist to come evaluate. We are waiting for a phone call to hear her take, but for her he ate a full 47mLs! Such improvement! When I fed him today he took 35mLs with the understanding he may not eat as well for me because I nurse. He prefers nursing, and when I don’t he still snuggles the boob first. None the less, he ate more for me than previously. 💕


Yesterday, radiology came and took another ultrasound of Noah’s head. This morning, neurology cleared us to go home as soon as he starts eating. Dressings can come off, baths can begin. Stitches will dissolve. We can begin head positioning and treat him normally externally. If on Monday or Tuesday he still isn’t improving eating (we suspect he will since he ate 47 this morning), they will consult about re adjusting to previous levels. Otherwise, we will have an appointment two weeks after he is discharged.



Optimology will come pay Noah a visit on Sunday to check out his eye, particularly the one not opening as well.

Otherwise, my family and I are in this together. 💕

Thank you for all of the prayers, please keep em coming!


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