Noah Gabriel is Movin’ On Up!

A short blog post, but very very beyond worthy!


Tonight, Noah moved into the Neonatal Progressive Unit! Its a totally different atmosphere, totally different setting. I’m sooo proud of him and happy for him! He did it! He fought through delivery, hydro pressure, surgery, tubes, beeps and dings, poking and prodding. There were sticks and pricks, IV’s and tubes coming out of everywhere… hands, feet, head, belly….. but, he did it!!!


So now, he is in a crib connected to nothing but a single monitor that watches his respiration and heart rates. That’s it! He’s breathing on his own and keeping his temperature on his own. When I nurse him, he eats as much as he wants and gets full on the breast alone. I don’t need to supplement with the bottle, although at this point I’m still offering just to be sure since he’s still on a three hour schedule instead of on demand. With a bottle, he eats somewhere between 30-40mL’s which is the equivalent to just over an ounce. And, today he is a week old! 7 whole days of fight in him ❤


I also saw (and captured) him opening that left eye that he’s done a great job hiding these past 7 days



He hasn’t seen any doctors yet since being transferred to NPCU. That happens tomorrow morning. So, I don’t know what his expected date is, or what he has to be able to do before leaving. All the nurse knew at this point was that he has to show steady weight gain. He was born at 7lb 12oz, went up too 8lb 14oz with bulked up fluids for surgery, and tonight is down to 7lb 3oz. So, he’s doing wonderfully and eating a excellently!



Thank you all for the prayers and concern thoughout his entire hospital stay so far. We have an unknown and long road before us, but I really feel like he’s “out of the woods” so to speak at this point, and ready to face the years to come!

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11 thoughts on “Noah Gabriel is Movin’ On Up!”

  1. Congratulations! Our neonatal nurses, twenty years ago kept telling us “peaks and valleys.” Celebrate the peaks and stay strong through the valleys. Our wonderful Lord will be with you both times. Blessings to you and your family. Julie

      1. One of Joel’s neonatal nurses has stayed in touch throughout all these years. She’s truly an angel.

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