Baby Boy Eagle Has a Name!; 37 weeks, 2 days BORN!



Welcome to Noah Gabriel Eagle’s birth story and life! Thank you all for your prayers, what a crazy busy full overwhelming fantastically awesome day it has been!


Noah is currently in the neonatal intensive care unit. Our c-section was pushed back an hour due to an emergency coming in at our time. He stayed happy and healthy inside me for the hour, kicking and loving it, heartbeat strong. Our birth story started Saturday night when this mama started doing everything she could to save his life.

I pumped Sunday {yes, I realize this is a debatable subject, nurses here have already told me I shouldn’t have done it, I don’t mind their comments….} three times to prepare for him! I am determined for no formula, I really need him to have all the positives of the breastmilk.

He was 21 (I think? – I’ll double check in a bit) inches long weighting 7 pounds 12-1/2 ounces. Came out screaming. Man, this section was SO much better to me than Kara’s!! I haven’t gotten to move around a lot or walk yet, so I’m hoping recovery will be just as nice to me as the section. But, I wasn’t screaming in pain and passing out this time, which was nice. I remember a lot more than with Kara because I am not soooooooooo exhausted.  Again, thankful and nice.

I’ve seen Noah all of about 15 seconds. It’s 11:15pm, and at 2:30ish am they will allow me to go to NICU to be with him for a bit. I’m pumping colostrum, more than nurses expect typical moms can so soon after delivery. I’m stoked about that! And I have donor milk for backup!

We are currently expecting his surgery to take place on Wednesday. We don’t have a time yet, and they aren’t concerned about him eating anything until Wednesday after surgery. He is on an IV now while his lungs finish clearing out, and we’ll take it from there. His thumbs are adducted, and according to our Genetics Doctor, we will meet with Occupational Therapy to see about doing our best to correct it before it becomes permanent and to check out the extent of that. Depending on severity (remember, I haven’t even really seen him yet!) and how well stretching works, sometimes for milder cases there are hand tendon surgeries that can help too.


THANK YOU ALL for the prayers and well-wishes during these past few weeks, especially hours, and in the upcoming days! I personally appreciate it all more than you know – and know Josh does too ❤

Up and at ’em bright and early this morning!


Good heart rates while we wiating to go back into surgery.


Wide awake throughout the whole procedure! The beginning of cutting time…..

As they sewed me up just after hearing baby boy cry!

NICU Time …. Daddy wanted mommy to get to see him too ❤



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16 thoughts on “Baby Boy Eagle Has a Name!; 37 weeks, 2 days BORN!”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Praying for God’s intervention with your sweet baby boy. You are such a strong young lady. May God be with both of you during the days ahead.

  2. y’all are in my prayers if you need anything just little Terry know and I help you out anyway I can. My thoughts and prayers go up to him and the family. . This is Jennifer Terry’s aunt

    1. Thanks Jennifer! We really appreciate it tons. I hope we’ll be coming home sooner than later, but I guess you just never know. We appreciate the thoughts and prayers and can’t wait until we can wave across the yard again!

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