Alternative to Christmas Eve Box!

I have seen all over Pinterest this totally cute, awesomely rad, and super adorable idea …. Christmas Eve boxes!!! I think I first saw the idea over on The WHOot while looking up ideas for my baby’s nursery, or quite possibly it was Frugal Fanatic. Either way, both are blogs you could spend hours at and never get bored!

So, here’s my debacle with them.

We have {too much} family! Is there such a thing? HAH! Just joking! But, we do spend all of Christmas Eve after I get off work {yes, I work for the postal service still delivering yawl’s packages that close to Christmas! 😛 } running back and forth between Christmas services, seeing the lights, and multiple family member’s homes since I have claimed Christmas as a day of peace! With all the gifts of family, my kids really, I mean, REALLY don’t need more. Soooo…..


I came up with a new idea! My daughter is currently 21 months old. She is {utterly} obsessed with Minnie, adores Pooh and “Tig Tig”, and hugs babies all day long. But, what makes her most happy, and therefore me? A good book! So, this year instead of creating the traditional Christmas Eve Box as a last hoorah from the Christmas Elf…. we are going to make a new tradition!

bookbasketWe are having the Christmas Elf leave behind a {brand new}, ever full, all exciting New Years Eve Book Basket!

As she grows, I may add in a few other items such as a puzzle or game we can do while waiting on the ball to drop. But, for now, she’s much too young to make it up that late!

As a side note to all you frugal mommies: once your kids use their baskets and find homes for their new goodies, it makes a great storage item in the home, too!

What do all of you think? Will any of you be starting up this tradition? What Christmas Traditions or New Years traditions have you started for your families that are totally ooberly awesome!?


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