Pasta Sensory

I loooove playing outside; I think it is sooo important for babies to get outdoor time, everyday, in all types of weather. My downfall is muggy heat, and in North Carolina its often hard to avoid. So, after I force myself to take my little 14 month old out or 20 minutes, I’m done!


Therefore, today is Kara’s first experience with pasta for fun; I chose pasta for several¬†reasons. Quick to boil, easy to color, safe to eat, tons of shapes!

– Toy pool/cloth/tarp/towel
– Food coloring or baby-safe paint
– Pasta types

Boil the pasta to desired softness. Soak pasta in cups of different colorings. Kara’s only soaked during her naptime so it was ready for play when she woke. We used her baby pool because its light-weight to handle and makes cleanup beyond just easy.


Note 1: More vibrant colors can be created with 8-10 drops food coloring and alcohol mixed with dry pasta; but it isn’t edible. It would however create fun for an entirely different texture than the wet, and keep longer for more use over time.
Note 2: Notice the uneven tones especially in the blue? This doesn’t happen, I learned, if you color the water before you drop in the pasta. I dropped in the pasta and then the drops.


We can sort colors, shapes, small, big, broken, full.
Today, for her first go, she had fun just dumping what I scooped into her cups, tasting, and touching! It entertained her for well over an hour!


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