Velcro Popcycle Shapes

velcro popcycle sticks

Popcycle sticks. So simple, so cheap, so creative with endless possibilities! Throw them in a ziplock, and you end up with the next big hit at the doctor’s office!

Kara, my 14 month old, has been pretty sick this week. We were at the doctor’s office three times this week, and these pop cycle sticks and a Melissa and Doug pocket mirror were her lifesavers during those waits! We got more compliments from the doctors and nurses on her behavior than I ever imagined! Especially while sick.

Right now, Kara is happy enough with the popsicle sticks alone, they don’t necessarily need Velcro for happiness. But, she loves attaching them and pulling them apart. We work on colors with them, though she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of shapes.

She also loves dropping them down into a wipes box. The tissue box in the office only had about 5 tissues left, so I let her drop them in. That alone entertained her for just under 30 minutes! A 14-month-old entertained for 30 minutes? Man! That makes a happy mama!

velcro popsycle sticks


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