Shooting Solid: What Photography Moms Do!


This workshop was hosted when I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby girl; I loved different things everyday, and nothing was consistent. You can read all about me if you’d like; but ultimately, I’m crazy, wild, in love, and loyal!

I have been taking portraits of families since 2010, and have loved the DSLR life since 2007. I sported the Canon Rebel XT for over 6 years and always love it. I have photographed along side Charlotte, NC wedding photographer Julia Beckmann (photography featured above in head shot!), as well as studied under Jason Lanier (a world-wide and nationally published award-winning wedding and landscape photographer), and Rachel Brenke (nationally published photographer currently residing in Texas). Furthermore, I have attended workshops taught by Tennessee-residing destination wedding photographers Zach and Jody Gray, and world-known newborn and child photographer Sandy Puc. I have also taken Damien Symonds Photoshop editing workshops.

Back in 2012 when I created the workshops for DSLR photography and photo editing, I created a very loose format of instruction which could cater to the needs of many types of moms and ‘togs. Since, it has restructured very little, and reviews are radical! READ THE REVIEWS!


This course  is geared toward mamas and papas that are desiring stronger personal photography of their children. While we can discuss many genres of photography, this is not intended for the seasoned professional.  This course is self-paced. The stars are the limit! Students receive access to a private Facebook group driven toward photography students. I am available for feedback on the forum and email if needed, generally 24-hour turn around. I feel it is important to see flaws in your own work as well as others’ work. I couldn’t see flaws in my work until I saw them in other’s work. Therefore, the group is set up so you can critique others’.


Loosely structured, we have:
Week 1: Learning the DSLR; modes of your camera, the whens and whys
Assignment One; Modes of your camera
Assignment Two; The Beginning, changing settings
Week 2: Shooting Solid; Blast Off
Week 3: Because we are Mama’s (and Papa’s) Workbook
Week 4: Longer Shutter Speed and Backlighting

READ THE REVIEWS! from others to see why moms are loving it! See some of their before and afters! At just $86, you are receiving $197 worth of product and support for over 50% off! 

Each week is taken at your own pace, own understanding. All of the weeks correlate and correspond to each other, and there is no right or wrong way to go about this. The only thing I highly discourage with this class is the thought process: “I can photoshop that!” That philosophy will not work, and this class is not geared toward Photoshop. I am not a Photoshop or Lightroom guru, though I do understand and utilize both programs, and we can discuss those in correlation to these topics at any point.

If you have questions or wish to discuss something, in particular, you may ask my knowledge of such a subject prior to enrollment. Simply email me at with SHOOTING SOLID as the subject line ! Pay $86, and receive $197 worth of product and support for over 50% off retail value! 

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You can always have fun with our photo challenges involving your child, or join us in our 365 project with them! And as a gift from us to you, the FIRST THING to address if you are having trouble with the perfect shots of them is FOCUS and COMPOSURE! Please, let us know what you think! 🙂

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Pay $86, and receive $197 worth of product and support for over 50% off retail value! 

Convinced? Sign Up in the Form Below!


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