What Kind of Mother Am I?

Oh me, oh my! Let’s chat 🙂 Before I became a parent, I was totally unprepared for one certain thing…

When I was pregnant, I was given mounds upon mounds of advice. Love her, always love her. Rock her. Cuddle her. She won’t stay young forever, treasure it while you can. Sleep now; you won’t later! Schedule date nights; soon enough, you won’t get any! Be pampered; in just a few months, you’ll settle for a shower. Enjoy her while she is tiny; when she starts walking, she won’t stop moving! Get ready, your life is about to change.

It’s true, my life change…. big time, for the better! I’m happy. I don’t miss the sleep I used to get (most of the time), we still schedule date nights (because we make each other a priority), I still get showers (because my fiancé loves me and makes absolutely positive that I get them), she’s walking and I LOVE IT!

My life did change, really really really slowly. Man, that was a long 30 hours! But, you know what I wasn’t prepared for? The categorizing and labeling; my goodness mamas, what are we doing!

I don’t fit a category of mama. But, I’m a damn good one! I know that with confidence.

I babywear; I stroller push.
I essential oil; I medicate.
I breastfeed; I table-feed.
I teach; I listen.
I sign; I talk.
I vaccinate; I stagger shots.
I answer every cry; I like that she self soothes.
I co-slept; she crib sleeps.
I montessouri; I messy play.
I teach Jesus; I miss services.
I am with her full time; I work full time.
I playdate; I babysit.
I busy bag; I television.
I dance party; I iPhone.
I read; I swim.
Ultimately, I do what is best for my child.

And for me, that works. I don’t need a label, don’t need a title. It just works for me to be that way. So, I welcome you to join us! Join us for fun independent child-paced games and activities, messy art that will blow their mind (and yours), printables that will keep you busy for hours! Learn tips with us on being better “mom-togs” because we all love to have beautiful images of our children, and explore your imagination with your child!



2 thoughts on “What Kind of Mother Am I?”

  1. I believe she is right. During the teen years our crhdlien need us more than ever and in a very different way. When they are small they need us to teach them everything, when they reach the tweens they need us

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